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Retirement brings new challenges, the prospect of a fresh start and important changes. It can be an exciting time when you may fully enjoy the fruits of your working life. A time when you have the freedom to pursue the things that matter most to you.

But to really be able to enjoy life to the full in retirement and maintain a comfortable standard of living you'll need to have built up sufficient income. For most of us this will require expert planning, quality advice, a documented financial plan and having our progress monitored by someone who's qualified to do so. We can help you properly plan for a comfortable retirement in line with your personal circumstances and goals.

Boost your super

Tax efficiencies built into the superannuation system mean super is a great way to save for your retirement. Do you know how much income you are likely to have after you retire? Go to the Federal Governments ‘Money Smart’ website to use the retirement planning calculator and see what you can do now to boost your super.

Salary Sacrifice contributions make saving for your super easier than ever by taking a portion of you income and placing it directly into your superannuation plan.

For all the in’s and out’s of superannuation open the brochure ‘Superannuation in plain English’.

Increase your retirement savings

For most Australians, retirement has traditionally been a sudden leap from working full time to not working at all. But more and more people are gradually easing into their retirement. We can assist you to set up your transition to retirement strategy and you too could be enjoying life whilst still increasing your super.

For more information on how you can boost your super through a transition to retirement strategy, open the brochure 'Transition to retirement in plain English'.

Protect your retirement savings

Recently, most Australians have watched their superannuation savings plummet during the event commonly known as the Global Financial Crisis. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the few who knew their superannuation was safely protected from such events? Protected superannuation is not a new comer to the market however new concepts have seen it revolutionise the way people invest in their future.

Estate planning

Most of us put a lot of time and effort into creating and managing wealth throughout our lives. But few of us put enough thought into the process by which our wealth will be distributed after our death. We can assist you to ensure that you estate planning remains on track and up to date.

Centrelink payments

If you meet eligibility criteria, Centrelink can support you in retirement with a range of payments including age pension, pension bonus scheme and the seniors concession allowance.

We can help you understand and take advantage of your Centrelink entitlements. 

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